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After 19 million people flocked to the Palace Museum, museum of industry how to 'le le'

Date: 2019-12-27

47 points when 19 December 10, an audience from huzhou city in zhejiang province Yang meridian gate ticket admission from the Palace Museum, as the national Palace Museum this year 1900 of the ten thousand viewers, this is the Palace Museum audience quantity for the first time in 19 million, the world's most popular museums.

"Imperial palace" let us see the change in the context of cultural consumption upgrade museum model, but "in the temples of the high" "the Palace Museum experience" exist great particularity, can draw lessons from but do not copy, museum circles how to achieve the lele?

The world all know the imperial palace, the Palace Museum mode to learn

In the Forbidden City become the industry model, the product must belong to the high-quality goods "the Palace Museum" concept of thorough popular feeling, the audience subconsciously and compare it with other museum palace, but "legs" and the "arm" really comparable.

Topic of marketing, only the Forbidden City has a name

These days, haven't been to the Forbidden City all dare not say he is, the more than 600 - year - old palace compound by "demon" to become the Internet used to pampered in a web celebrity, his weibo, I have the noise out.

Kangxi yongzheng emperor qianlong three generations together with goods.

One day, more than seventy thousand lipsticks sold out of stock, this is not a "lipstick" jia-qi li live, but the new on the "lipstick" of the imperial palace.

Beijing a snow, all SLR out of Beijing the imperial palace a snowman contest went to the Palace Museum, there is snow was a snowman.

People's Daily also came to the palace to see snow, xinhua decryption has light, official media turns into a fan of imperial palace's brother, for the favor of the Forbidden City, the top flow blessing, let the other museum.

Play resources of museum

From the cultural and economic research institute, tsinghua university and Tmall jointly issued the xinwen and consumer trends report 2019, emperor qianlong footnote force pressure dissolute gifted scholar of tong pak fu and GongDou female Wang Zhen 嬛, become the domestic museum wen gen best with the king.

Thus it can be seen that the museum collection, historical figures, historical folk awareness and acceptance of the story is one of the important factors influence the spread of development and subsequent museum, and unique collection volume compared to other museum of the imperial palace is congenitally deficient.

"Not all of the museum is the imperial palace, our resource is not comparable with the palace."Heilongjiang province museum staff said.

He says the museum about the huge "the gap between rich and poor" brought about by the industry development is not balanced, languid museum and unwanted wen gen goods still abound.

According to the cultural industry news search taobao found that "the palace taobao" collection in 5.89 million, the number of China's national museum, 1.23 million local museum most popular number of suzhou museum in 270000, but only 11136 xian museum on the number of fans.